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As the Leading Company In Laser Industry, Han’s Laser Has Attracted Attention From All Walks of Life

Han’s Laser, located in Shenzhen, the "frontier" of China’s Reform and Opening, and was founded in 1996. With a good entrepreneurship environment, Han’s Laser has made progress step by step, becoming the leading company in laser industry.

As one of the top manufacturers of laser processing equipment, Han’s Laser has been ranked as Shenzhen High-tech Corporation, Shenzhen Key Software Enterprise, Key Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise in Guangdong province, National Innovative pilot enterprises, National Demonstration Bases of Scientific and Technological Achievements, key Software Manufacturing Enterprise in the State Planning, and its main research project was identified as the national torch plan project.

*Jiang Zemin, former General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Comrade, Chairman

*Li Peng, former Premier of the State Council, NPC Chairman visited Han’s Laser

*Li Changchun, former member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee visited Han’s Laser

*Chen Li, former State Councilor, visited Han’s Laser

*Wuyi, former Vice Premier of the State Council, visited Han’s Laser

*Lu Yongxiang, former CAS presidents, visited Han’s Laser

*Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, Premier of the State Council, visited Han’s Laser

*Li Lanqing, former member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee , former Vice Premier of the State Council , visited Han’s Lase

*Wan Gang, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Minister of Science and Technology , visited Han’s Laser

Through independent research and development, Han’s Laser has turned “laboratory installation /device” into laser equipment, competitive of working continuously for 24 hours a day. With the support of strong capital and technology platform, Han’s Laser has realized leapfrogging development of research and production from low power laser equipment to high power one, providing a set of laser processing solutions to serve customer’s needs, whether  from home and abroad.

Laser equipment has boosted China’s manufacturing industry to be transformed from an extensive, energy-intensive, low added-value economic mode into an intensive and high value-added circular economy mode, making a great contribution to enhancing China’s development of manufacturing industry and innovation capacity.