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Han's Laser Package Marking & Identifying Business Line

Since the Package Marking & Identifying Business Line of Han’s Laser (the PMI business line for short) set up in 2004, it has conducted a deep research on character of laser online marking base on excellent laser light source of Companymarking controlling card and marking software technology. In addition to this, with rich experience, multi-year practices, and technological accumulation in laser online marking field as well as based on our technical advantages, we have innovated constantly and finally launched a series of products of flying laser marking, leading the industry application wave.

The missions of Han’s Laser are keeping leading, quick response, quality service and sharing. In addition to the PCB division and sheet metal division, the PMI business line is the third self-developed division that integrates product development, production, sales and services into a whole.

Han's Laser Package Marking & Identifying Business Lin---Han's Innovation Building

With an excellent organization structure and natural technique gene, the PMI business line can not only rely on and develop overall advantages with powerful capital and technical merit of Han’s Group, but also have the excellent resources to deal with customers’ demands rapidly. We will grow bigger, better and stronger with craftsman’s spirit. Moreover, we will earn the customer's trust and reputation with the best products and services. And these two factors are the determined concept of Han’s PMI team.

Undergoes many year considerable developments with to accumulate, Han’s PMI is not only owns the performance superiority of unit equipment, but also developing overall advantage with automated matching and integration capability of software and hardware. We dedicated ourselves to provide a full set system solution for customers. So far, Han’s PMI has many laser marking patent technologies, created many industry application, even pushed forward the rapid spread and technology promotion of laser marking application in package industry.

Developing path of Han’s Laser PMI’s industry application:

*2004, entering into flying marking technology application filed, was the first one that promoted high power CO2 laser flying marker, and earned the whole series of 30W-40W;

*2005, opened the floodgates to solid laser flying marking technology, had been developed a series of solid laser flying marking models with diode-side-pumped, lamp-pumped and end-pumped;

*2006, the only one public company of laser industry that had been nominated for “National Tobacco-1”project, and became the pioneer of tobacco logistic sorting application in laser marking technology field;

*2008, awarded Bar Code Printing Certificate, Leading the trend of electronic drug supervision code to start using laser marking;

*2009, created a precedent for laser flying marking technology application;

*2010, developed coding application for large areas on whole beer case packaging successfully, had provided the strong marking technology protection for fast moving consumer goods to achieve security/ant channel conflict/quality tracking three functions on minimum package;

*2014, created a precedent for laser double-head flying marking technology in the industry, greatly enhanced the equipment productivity;

*2015, created a precedent for “QR codes laser coding system for plastic cap” and apply to batch application in the industry, leading the movement of QR code marketing on beverage industry.