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The Secret between Scanning a Code to Win and Laser Marking

Publish:3/13/2017 10:46:25 AM

For beverage industry, it is important for them to use various kinds of marking method to expand market share. Nowadays, QC code and visual code are quite popular are widely applied as marketing method.

The successful application is “Xiaoming Classmate” and “Meiyitian”.

“Xiaoming Classmate”, one kind of cold-brewing tea beverage, quickly grabs the market share by the “get prize by scanning QC code “activity.

Have you joined the activity?

                   Four types of drinks of Xiaoming Classmate

“Get prize by scanning QC code “activity of “Xiaoming Classmate”

                Wechat Homepage of “Xiaoming Classmate” Activity

              Introduction of How to Scan QC Code to Get the Prize

Meiyitianis one kind of lactobacillus beverage by Yili Group. “Meiyitian” launch scan QR code to get red envelope” activity by adopting Han’s Laser’s marking QR code on bottle cap technology.

           “Scan QR Code to Get Red Envelope” Activity of “Meiyitian”

                                                  Active Page

                              Scan QR Code to Get Red Envelope

                         Notification of “Getting the Red Envelope”

Han’s Laser have helped many famous brand, such as “Nongfu Spring”,“Eastroc Super Drinkto launch the Scan QR Code to Get Red Prize” Activity .


Mr. Cap: Nowadays there are various kinds of promoting activities for beverage. What is laser marking QR code for promoting?

Mr. Han’s PMI: Firstly, QR code is marked by laser on the inner cap, which cannot be queried before the cap is open. Secondly, every QR code is managed by the database, which guarantees one item one code. Thirdly, Laser marking will not change the appearance of the product. Fourthly, laser marking is low cost as it does not need consuming material. Finally, anti-counterfeiting and promoting information can be identified and uploaded once the product is consumed, which can help to manage inventory.

Mr. Cap: Oh, I see. Laser marking is more professional. What is the strength of Hans Laser Package Marking & Indentifying Business Line?

Mr.Hans PMI: We are the first one to introduce laser marking machine for QR code on the inner cap, and it has achieved large-scale application. Whats more , DROCO serial laser is adopted , which can mark QR code one the bottle cap without any laser processing aid .In addition, our flying laser marking machine and the supporting system can meet the high quality marking requirement.

Mr. Cap: Wow, could you introduce us what a strong team to support such complicated technology?

Mr. Han’s PMI: Hans’ Laser Package Marking & Indentifying Business Line is built since 2004. After the development of these years, it provides not only high-performance laser marking machine, but also automated matching, integration of hardware and software. With many patents, Hans’ Laser Package Marking & Indentifying Business Line has promoted the populization and skill updating of laser making in packing industry.