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Data Service


The PMI product line of Han’s Laser is committed to build a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) system and enterprise management module for enterprises. The Nebula Chain platform developed by Han’s Laser is able to perfectly support five key service functions, that is, product traceability, product anti-counterfeiting, quality and process management, marketing strategy planning, and data analysis. Based on the technologies of Internet cloud, smart phone service terminal, laser marking, as well as data recipe and application, the Nebula Chain platform facilitates enterprises to implement informationized management model and IoT marketing strategies, thus helping enterprises to improve their brand value and products’ competitiveness.

Product Traceability

For enterprises, the Nebula Chain platform can customize a dedicated traceability structure by customizing various roles according to different requirements of enterprises. For example, it enables an enterprise to manage its sales, auditing, internal management, distributors, end users, etc. in a hierarchical way. In addition, it enables an enterprise to monitor each phase in the circulation process of each piece of product.

Product Anti-Counterfeiting

With multi-year experience in the laser anti-counterfeiting application field, the Nebula Chain platform of Han’s Laser, by marking a unique anti-counterfeiting and traceable QR code on each piece of product, provides enterprises and consumers with a new experience in QR code anti-counterfeiting and also facilitates enterprises to improve their competitiveness.

Quality and Process Management

For enterprises, the Nebula, the unique product quality management system provided by the Nebula Chain platform of Han’s Laser is applicable to product quality control in every industry. In addition, the Nebula Chain platform features modular process management as well as concise and effective process operation, and provides a visible intelligent storage management solution, thus achieving more precise and effective storage management.

Marketing Strategy Planning

The customization service module of the Nebula Chain platform provides the function of customizing marketing strategies according to the actual sales performance of an enterprise, which helps the enterprise to integrate online and offline resources and establish an attractive “O2O marketing model”.

Data Analyze

The Nebula Chain platform and its authorized terminal management module provides a highly effective decision-making tool for enterprises by means of statistics and customized analysis of data in each operation phase such as production, quality control, storage, logistics and sales.