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  • Summary
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  • Usage
  • As a type of CO2 air-cooled laser marker of 30 W,

    HANS36K-T is mainly used for online character marking on non-metal packing materials.

    With the appearance of aluminum alloy and painted sheet metal,

    HANS36K-T is composed of the girder, main control unit, and lifting support, which is highly cost-effective.

  • Adopting the laser imported from the USA,

    which is of high stability and good light emission mode.

    The girder head can rotate in a ±90° angle,

    which can be adjusted easily to meet multiple-direction marking requirements.

    Able to be operated by an industrial control computer, display, mouse and keyboard,

    similar to a home computer, which is easy to operate.

    Using the Windows operating system, dedicated marking software,

    and a user-friendly interface, which is easy to learn and simple to use.

    Equipped with the standard network interface, serial port, USB interface,

    tacho decoder interface and extended interface,

    which facilitates data communication and hardware extension.

  • Laser Power: ≥ 30 W

    Cooling Mode: forced air cooling

    Standard Marking Range: 100 mm * 100 mm

    Laser Focus: 135 mm

    Minimum Linewidth: 0.15 mm

    Minimum Character Height: 0.4 mm

    Operating Environmental Temperature: from -10 to 40

    Power Supply Requirement: 220 VAC, 50 Hz, 5 A

    Overall Power Consumption: ≤ 1000 W

  • Used for online flying marking on non-metal packing materials,

    such as cartons, labels, PET bottles, painted metal caps, glass bottles, ceramic bottles, etc.

    Able to mark numbers, symbols, letters, characters, images, etc.