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  • HANS58K is a CO2 55W water cooling model, special for online high-speed on non-metallic packing.

    The whole machine, covered with aluminum alloy and stainless steel sheet metal plate,

    is composed of laser girder, main controller and lifting support.

  • Adopt laser machine imported from America, high stability , good light-emitting pattern.

    Laser main girder can rotate ±90°, suitable for multi-direction marking , easy for adjusting .

    PC controller and touch screen.

    The machine has standard network interface, serial port, USB port, speed encoder interface

    and extended port, convenient for data communication and hardware expansion.

    WINDOWS operation system, specialized marking software, Chinese interface,

    easy for operation and learning.

    Imported 304 stainless steel case with strong corrosion resistance capability,

    more beautiful, more suitable for humid environment.

    Main Controller integrates homothermal water chiller internally to make sure the machine

    can work stably in high temperature environment without increasing occupation area.

  • Laser Power: 55W

    Cooling Mode: constant temperature water cooling

    Standard Marking Range: 100mm*100mm

    Laser Focus: 135mm

    Minimum Linewidth: 0.15mm

    Minimum Character Height: 0.4mm

    Operating Ambient Temperature: from -10-45

    Power Supply Requirement: AC 220V/50HZ/15A

    Overall Power Consumption:2.5KW

  • Special for online high-speed flying marking on non-metal packing material.

    Such as paper box, label, PET bottle, printed metal cover, glass bottle, and ceramic bottle.

    Marking content includes number, character, letter, Chinese, picture, one-dimensional code,

    two-dimensional code and so on.