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  • In packing and marking area, over 80% customer applications do not need too many functions;

    Han’s Laser has promoted the models of high quality and low price for those customers.

    Therefore, the universal marking laser had emerged,

    and HANS36K-E is one of the CO2 universal laser models.

  • It adopts the laser import from America, with high stability and good light exiting mode.

    The head of laser can rotate ±90°and marking for each side of directions, easy for adjustment.

    It adopts industrial control computer + display + mouse + Keyboard operation,

    operation is similar to home using computer, easy for learning.

    WINDOWS operation system, customized marking software, Chinese surface,

    easy for operation and learning.

    Device with standard network interface/serial port/USB port/speed texting encoder connector and extended port

    will easy for data communication and hardware expansion.

  • Laser Power Rate: 30W

    Cooling Mode: air-cooling

    Standard Marking Range: 100mm*100mm

    Laser Focus: 135mm±2mm

    Minimum Linewidth: 0.1mm

    Minimum Character Height: 0.4mm

    Operating Environment Temperature: from 0-40

    Power Supply Requirement: AC 220V/50HZ/5A

    Overall Power Consumption: 1KW

  • Mainly for non-metallic material packing,

    e.g.: paper/plastic/painted metal cap/glass/ceramic and so on.