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  • Providing a comprehensive set of functions such as feeding,

    sorting, laser marking, air purifying, barcode identifying, eliminating of defective goods,

    and automatic collecting.

    Integrating laser markers in the system.

    Adopting Draco series lasers owning Han’s Laser’s independent intellectual property rights

    and featuring good light emission mode.

    Without special requirements on packing materials,

    without obvious heat effect and with no damage to packages in the process of marking barcodes on drug boxes.

    Marked barcodes featuring even lines, no concave-convex feeling, high contrast ratio,

    easy identification, as well as no obvious smoke generated during marking.

  • Non
  • Mainly used for precise laser marking on packing boxes/bags, with a comprehensive set of functions.

    Widely used in the food packing field for marking the manufacturing date, batch number

    and expiry date, electronic drug supervision codes on drug boxes,

    as well as QR codes on various types of packing materials.