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  • HANS50Y-D is a fiber laser machine, mainly used to zip-top can online marking.

    Appearance of whole machine is aluminum alloy and lacquered sheet metal,

    mainly combined with laser girder/control unit and lifting support.

  • With German IPG imported laser machine, high stability, theoretical service life of 100000 hours.

    Taking with the double optical path markers, the capacity higher than the normal single optical path and nearly doubled.

    It adopts industrial control computer + display + mouse + Keyboard operation,

    operation is similar to home using computer, easy for learning.

    Device with standard network interface/serial port/USB port/speed texting encoder connector and extended port

    will easy for data communication and hardware expansion.

    WINDOWS operation system, customized marking software, Chinese surface, easy for operation and learning.

  • Laser Power Rate: 50W*2

    Cooling Mode: air cooling

    Standard Marking Range: 200mm*200mm

    Laser Focus: 188mm

    Minimum Linewidth: 0.05mm

    Minimum Character Height: 0.3mm

    Operating Environment Temperature: from -10-40

    Power Supply Requirement: AC 220V/50HZ/8A

    Overall Power Consumption: 1.5KW

  • Mainly used for the bottom of zip-ton can online marking to meet the quickest speed 90 thousands cans/ hour

    on the production line at the present industry.

    Enable to mark numbers, symbol, characters, Chinese characters, graphic and so on.