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  • Integrating highly-precise correction rewinding machine,

    which realizes automatic unwinding, winding, correction, laser marking,

    and joint control of the whole roll of materials.

    Realizing multiple-line marking of flexible packaging materials,

    with the maximum coil width of 900 mm.

    Adopting Draco series lasers with Han’s Laser’s independent intellectual property rights,

    Without obvious heat effect and with no damage to flexible packaging materials in the marking process,

    as well as with discolored marking effect of high contrast ratio.

    Capacity: The whole system covers 6-9 channels,

    with the capacity of a single channel of not less than 240 codes per minute.

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  • Widely applied in the food, dairy and daily chemical industries,

    by marking various information such as the manufacturing date, batch number and expiry date, barcodes, QR codes, etc.

    on flexible packaging materials.